Show Choir


Dakota’s Show Choir FAQs

What is the Dakota Show Choir? It is an extra-curricular choir (after school) that sings and dances. The group serves as Dakota High School’s Choir Ambassadors serving the school and community.

Who can join? Any student that attends Dakota High School or the International Academy with Dakota being their home location can join. Students do not have to be in a choir class in order to audition.

How does one join? The choir is an auditioned choir, so students must audition for the director and be selected.

What does the audition entail? Each student must come prepared with 1 minute of a song to sing. It is preferred to either have a piano score or a karaoke recording for accompaniment. Also, be dressed for a choreography audition that will be taught. The singing audition is private (just you and the director) and the choreography audition is in a group setting. If you have a special skill (like tap dancing or tumbling) be prepared to show your ability level.

When does the group rehearse? The show choir rehearses throughout the school year on Thursdays from 2:30-4:30pm or from 6:30-8:00pm. It takes a short break during the all-school musical season since most show choir members are also involved in the musical.

When does the group perform? The show choir performs at the October, December & May choir concerts along with assemblies at the middle and elementary schools. They also perform for the Macomb Township Tree Lighting Ceremony and any other function to which they are invited.

How does costuming work? The Dakota Choir Department owns the dresses for the girls and the tux pants, shirts and ties for the guys. Girls are responsible for providing their own tan character shoes, tights and spankies while guys are responsible for providing their own black dress shoes, black socks and white undershirt. All students are responsible for the upkeep and cleaning of the costume while in their possession.

Are there any fees to participate? There is a $15.00 uniform fee for the year. This covers a cleaning once the costume is turned in at the end of the year and any repairs/replacements that need to occur.

What if I am in another activity that doesn’t allow me to participate for the entire year? If you are still interested in the show choir, come and audition and explain your availability. Some students are selected on a semester-only basis, due to special circumstances (ie: not available in the fall because of football).

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